"...we wish to conserve the international solidarity of the camp in our memories and to derive from it the necessary lessons; follow a common path; the one of freedom - indispensable for every population, of reciprocal respect, of collaboration in the great work of constructing a new world that is free and just for all;"
Mauthausen Oath of the survivors 1945

Welcome to the website of the Comité International de Mauthausen,
the International Mauthausen Committee.

The CIM is the worldwide operating umbrella organization of the associations of survivors of the Mauthausen Concentration Camps. Members from (actually) 21 states meet twice a year for their meetings. Many projects are carried out in close cooperation with the Mauthausen Committee Austria, the Austrian Survivors of Mauthausen and the different national organisations from our members.

Stellungnahme CIM/MKÖ zum neuen Betonturm in der KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen (in German, English version will follow)

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Milano Appeal 2018
Appel de Milan 2018
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