International Liberation Ceremony

The survivors of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and the satellite camps of Mauthausen were liberated in the first days of May 1945 by the US-Army. Since 1946 ceremonies on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation have been organized including the participation of many delegations of foreign states.
This is an occasion for a memorial service for the victims of the Nazi-terror and a manifestation against intolerance, dictatorship, xenophobia and anti-semitism and an expression with the victims then and today.
These ceremonies are organized by the Austrian Mauthausen Committee and the CIM and other organizations. One can attend annual liberation ceremonies in nearly every site of a former satellite camp and other places related to Nazi-terror.
The climax every year is the grand International Liberation Ceremony at the Mauthausen Memorial with an annual numbers of participants ranging between 10.000 and 20.000 people. This ceremony is the biggest of such events worldwide.

In 2019 the International Ceremony in Mauthausen took place on May 5th. Further information you will find here (in German)

Since 2006 the ceremonies have been dedicated to an annual topic:

2019: Never just numbers. Always a human being.
2018: Escape and home
2017: Internationality Unites
2016: International Solidarity
2015: The Quarry and Slave Labour
2014: The Value of Life
2013: Saviours
2012: Racist Persecution
2011: The Network of Terror
2010: Children and Teenagers as Inmates in the Mauthausen CC
2009: Resistance due to Religious Belief
2008: The European Resistance and the Mauthausen CC
2007: Artists and Scientists in the Mauthausen CC
2006: Woman Prisoners in the Mauthausen CC